In the months that followed the first democratic elections in South Africa during April 1994, the Institute for Security Studies, then still called the Institute for Defence Policy, led the debate on future South African participation in peacekeeping operations. During March 1995 the then IDP launched an extensive policy support project on South African preventive diplomacy and peace support operations, funded by Royal Danish Embassy in South Africa and the United States Institute of Peace. The first tangible result of this project was a round-table seminar on South African Policy on Global Peace Support Efforts, hosted by the IDP in Cape Town during May 1995. This was followed, later that year, by the publication of arguable the first serious policy book on South African participation in peace support operations. South Africa and Peacekeeping in Africa, volume 1, edited by Mark Shaw and Jakkie Cilliers consists of a number of contributions that explore: the evolving South African policy on preventive diplomacy and peace support missions; conceptual issues; the role of the military; South Africa’s national interests and regional and international obligations; future SANDF participation in UN peace support operations; practical challenges; peacekeeping in the townships of the East Rand; South Africa and Lesotho; French experience in peacekeeping; and the experience of Zimbabwe.

152 pages

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Jakkie Cilliers, Mark Shaw and Greg Mills
Towards a South African Policy on Preventive Diplomacy and Peace Support Operations

Peter Vale
Some Conceptual Concerns for Policy Makers

Frank Land
South Africa and “The Agenda for Peace”

Mats Berdal
Armies in International Peacekeeping

Evert Groenewald
National Interests, Regional and International Obligations

Wessel Kritzinger
SANDF Participation in UN Peace Support Operations

Rocky Williams
Practical Challenges to South African Peace Operations

C.P. du Toit
Peacekeeping in East Rand Townships

Brendan Seery
Africa’s Reluctant New Policeman Twirls his Truncheon

Henri Roure
The French Military and Peacekeeping Operations in Africa

Martin Rupiah
Peacekeeping Operations: the Zimbabwean Experience

Functions and Organization of the Department of Peace-keeping Operations, United Nations (UN)

Peace-keeping Document of the Central Organ of the Organisation for African Unity (OAU)